Northern American Launch of the HSSH (House Sparrow Society for Humans)

Manifesto, logo, painting, collage, vitrine, museum labels

Parsons The New School for Design, New York City, December, 2015

Central to the scholarly, social and material slippage within my research practice is the HSSH (House Sparrow Society for Humans) an entity I formed in New York in 2015. The HSSH engages with cultural, scientific and historical collections to research the documentation of the introduction of species other than humans. House sparrows are the most abundant bird in the world. Between 1850-1870 they were introduced to most of the ‘new world’. The HSSH utilizes curatorial methodologies as art-making strategies. The society uses existing archives and collections as well as fictional documents and objects to present alternate tellings of these histories. The HSSH also operates as a curatorial platform; by inviting other individuals and groups to engage with the discursive possibilities and complications of a non-human narrative.