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Why Listen to Animals?, Liquid Architecture (group project)

Painter of landscapes for an introduced species, presented as part of Liquid Architecture's, Why Listen to Animals? at Westspace, Melbourne, AUS

Eric Avery, Eugene Brockmuller, Alex Cahill, Catherine Clover and Peter Knight, Melissa Deerson with Georgina Criddle, Will Foster and Sabrina D’Angelo, Fernando do Campo, Tamsen Hopkinson, John Jenkin, Max Kohane, Nicholas Kuceli, Tessa Laird, Bunna Lawrie, Camila Marambio, Anthony Magen, Joel Maripil, Sally Ann McIntyre, Louis Kennedy, Miranda Liebscher, Julia McFarlane, Jake Moore, Lynn Mowson and Bruce Mowson, Bryan Phillips, Jack Prendergast, Kim Satchell, Undine Sellbach & Stephen Loo, Rob Thorne, James Utting-webb and Riley Lockett, Cecilia Vicuña, John-Joe Wilson.