Painter of landscapes for an introduced species
letters, cabinet, two slide projectors, photographic slides

Public reading/performance, presented at Westspace, Melbourne

Why Listen to Animals? Liquid Architecture, Melbourne Fringe Festival, 2016

Painter of landscapes for an introduced species is a series of fictional correspondence between a group of house sparrows and the Northern American modernist painter Barnett Newman during the 1960’s. The work discusses a box of slides that the birds have come across that are reminiscent of Newman’s zip paintings. This correspondence employs speculative fiction as a form through which to revisit modernism via posthumanist theory. The non-human as a creature introduced into a landscape recosndiers how we define these spaces, how we can depict a space where something has been introduced but remains unseen. This correspondence discusses the threshold present in Newman’s ‘zips’ as a threshold through which we can discuss modernism via a decolonial project.